Welcome to Thresholds, the place for the Jewishly curious in Northern New Jersey and New York. 

What is Thresholds?

Thresholds is a Jewish life education center and Interfaith resource consultancy, providing education, support and guidance through a variety of resources. Thresholds is dedicated to helping you navigate your way into and around Jewish life and the Jewish Community.

Thresholds offers classes, guidance, support and consultancy to inform, inspire, advise and facilitate your next Jewish steps in an open welcoming way and from a pluralistic perspective. 

Who is Thresholds for?

Maybe you are interested in converting.  Maybe you aren’t, but you’d like to know more about Judaism.  Maybe you are already Jewish or are part of an interfaith relationship.  Are you planning to raise Jewish children –with perhaps one Jewish parent- and you could benefit from some education or support.  Are your adult children in an interfaith relationship or is it unclear if your grandchildren are or will be Jewish? Have you converted and feel you would benefit from another resource for questions or support?

Thresholds is for Jews and non-Jews who are finding their way into Jewish life: for those considering or pursuing conversion; for interfaith couples and families or non-Jews with Jewish family and children.

We welcome all regardless of affiliation, denomination, religious, cultural, racial or national background or sexual orientation,   No previous background, synagogue or denominational affiliation or membership is required.  We are here for Jews and non-Jews, couples and singles, parents and grandparents.

What is required of me?

Thresholds requires neither a commitment to any form of Jewish belief or practice nor a commitment to conversion or a synagogue. Teaching from across the Jewish denominational spectrum, our goal is to help you clarify and navigate your Jewish choices, take your next steps and find your place on your Jewish path, wherever they may be. 

With sessions offered in the warmth and comfort of a private home as well as in institutional settings, many of our programs are supplemented with home Sabbath meals and/or accompanied visits to local synagogues. 

How do I find out more?

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programs and partnerships, about the Founder and Rabbinic Director of Thresholds,Rabbi Leana Moritt and her experience and expertise in the field,what people are saying(students, partners, the press and selections of Rabbi Moritt’s perspectives) and our links.

 For questions, appointments, or course registration or to contact Thresholds directly, email rabbimoritt@gmail.com

 How can I help?

Support the work of Thresholds. If you have ever needed the resources we offer; appreciate the impact of meaningful encounters with us in the past; anticipate needing us in the future or you simply believe in our mission, please consider making a donation to Thresholds.

 If you believe that people on the thresholds of Jewish life need open, welcoming and solidly grounded education and support to guide their entrée through Judaism and into the Jewish community, consider supporting Thresholds. Your contribution helps build, strengthen and bring our work to even greater numbers and helps moderate tuition to young families.

Do you know someone who should know about us and our work? Please forward our link. 

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