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Thresholds offers numerous programs and opportunities for individuals, couples, groups and communities:

  • Group Classes and Workshops
  • One-On-One or private and semi-private instruction
  • Rabbinic and Interfaith Counseling
  • Professional Training and Community Growth
  • Be A Thresholds Partner
Group Classes and Workshops

Introduction to Judaism

Our Thresholds Introduction to Judaism offers an excellent and in-depth overview of Judaism’s whats, whys and hows.  It is highly recommended for couples or individuals exploring Judaism seriously for the first time or contemplating or pursuing conversion.  While the intention to convert is not a pre-requisite, this class may serve to fulfill the educational requirements of conversion to Judaism.  Classes meet weekly for 30 weeks, offered in 3 10-week segments which run continuously throughout the year.  Class can be taken in either 10 or 30 week segments.  Full course description and more information below.

Call or email for next start date. Classes held at 7.30pm

Course description:

Thresholds Introduction to Judaism is a course for Jews who seek a deeper connection with their heritage and for non-Jews who are considering conversion to Judaism or wish to have a greater understanding of Judaism while remaining in their own faiths.  It is especially appropriate for interfaith couples wanting to broaden their understanding of Judaism or who are raising or plan to raise Jewish children.

 This 30-week program focuses on the “hows” and “whys” of Judaism.  Topics include ethics, the Sabbath and holidays, prayer, life cycle events (i.e., weddings, mourning rituals and birth ceremonies), dietary laws, the Jewish people and Israel.  Jewish theology, history and the meaning and practice of Jewish living are studied and discussed.

 Classes meet once per week in a private home with Rabbi Moritt for two hours.  Class sessions are supplemented with two or three Shabbat meals and visits to area synagogues.  Rabbi Moritt is also available to meet privately with those confronting questions such as religious identity.

For non-Jewish participants, this Thresholds class can serve as preparation for conversion to Judaism. We do not require a commitment to convert at any point in the program, nor do we perform conversions. Conversions are supervised by rabbis, to whom we can arrange referrals.

For those enrolling in Thresholds’ Introduction to Judaism within the context of a relationship, we recommend that both partners participate. An informal informational interview is required prior to enrollment. Please contact Rabbi Leana Moritt at for more information or to schedule an appointment.

$975 for 30-week (complete) program per person/couple
$425 for 10-week unit per person/couple

Contact Rabbi Moritt for more details and location information. 


Interfaith Grandparenting

When your Adult Children Choose Non-Jewish Partners: Crossing the Interfaith Divide

Your child’s interfaith relationship may not have been what you bargained for.  Examine your role and potentially profound influence as a Jewish elder in your family.   We will explore answers and solutions to questions such as: How do we embrace our children’s non-Jewish partners?  Do we draw them into and teach them about our family’s traditions? Mourn?  Silently despair? How do we stay true to our own convictions without risking alienation?  How can we best support our adult children and encourage Jewish choices for our grandchildren? How do we communicate compelling reasons to pass along the tradition and raise a Jewish family without pushing their buttons? Do we encourage conversion or tip-toe around it? Is it really all about the grandchildren? 

5 monthly sessions

Workshops are being schedule for various locations for fall 2010.  Contact Rabbi Moritt for details.


Thresholds Nosh

 A three­ session introduction to key Jewish ideas and principles.

Three weekly sessions.


Parenting Jewish Children (for non-Jewish and Jewish parents)

A Jewish Primer for Adults in the Parenting Years

Our Jewish parenting classes are an an excellent way to meaningfully support, nurture and stay one step ahead of your children’s Jewish education and identity.  Taught in a spiritually vibrant and comprehensive manner, the course is divided into three rotating six-week units: the Jewish holidays; major Jewish ideas and foundational books; and Jewish life cycle celebrations and practices.

Meets weekly. Separate registration for each six-week unit.


Celebrating Shabbat at Home

Shabbat At Home

Learn (or review) and experience the beautiful timeless rituals, blessings and songs involved in making Shabbat at home.  Delve into their meanings and history and explore creative ways to make them unique for your family at any age.  Recommended: bring a device to class (to record the songs).

Two class sessions followed by a relaxing celebratory Shabbat dinner together with Rabbi Moritt

So you might want to convert?

Speak openly and address your questions and concerns about conversion.  Find out what the process entails.  Explore the spiritual, practical and denominational ramifications, joys, expectations and gifts of joining the Jewish people.

2 sessions


Company in Conversion/Welcome to the Tribe: A resource and support group only for those who have already converted or who are actively in the conversion process.

After conversion, experiences, questions, challenges and feelings arise that often benefit from open, supportive conversations with others who travel the same road. Gain confidence and comfort in your growing Jewish identity.  Share stories, ideas and concerns with others in their process. Address the questions that arise with taking on a new in identity, in interactions with different family members and when encountering new or unfamiliar practices and traditions. Facilitated by Rabbi Moritt, these meetings are an opportunity for both open sharing and to address specific timely topics. Confidentiality respected and required.

Meets every other week, drop in basis with flexible 5-week packages 


Synagogue and Prayer

Making Meaning of the Synagogue Service and Jewish Prayer

Designed for those who are new to or unfamiliar with synagogue services and Jewish prayer as well as for bar/bat mitzvah parents less familiar with the Shabbat morning service.  Learn the meanings of the specific prayers, the structure, rhythm and choreography of the service and about the spiritual practice of Jewish prayer.

Three weekday class sessions supplemented with one Shabbat synagogue service, accompanied by a teacher.


Private and Semi-private Instruction

Curious about a subject not yet listed or scheduled here?  Is your schedule tight?  While we strongly believe learning in a group context is preferable to strictly private study, we understand schedules and circumstances often preclude this possibility. Contact Rabbi Moritt to discuss designing a personalized schedule or program.


Rabbinic and Interfaith Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Rabbinic counseling is helpful and particularly important in many circumstances. It is particularly recommended for couples contemplating an interfaith marriage, raising children in an interfaith context and conversion. Many also find supportive and informative conversations useful when experiencing or confronting other major life transitions or planning life cycle events.  Rabbi Moritt is also available for general pastoral and spiritual counseling as well as to facilitate Jewish life cycle events.

There is no fee for inquiries, initial conversations or for those enrolled in a Thresholds educational program. 

Professional Training and Community Growth

The unique opportunities and challenges presented by diversity in our Jewish community are not always evident to or easily and sensitively handled by many professionals and lay leaders in the Jewish community. Contact us to create a professional development program for your staff or laity. 


Be a Thresholds Partner

 Thresholds is committed to open the door to all established Jewish institutions for all who seek it.  As a threshold to the doors of your institutions, we seek to enrich all our Jewish communal institutions with the enthusiasm and energy of those just beginning to discovering all that Jewish life and wisdom has to offer.

 Find out how your institution or synagogue can be a Thresholds partner.  Contact us directly and let us create the right combination of programmatic, counseling, rabbinic support and consulting resources for your institution.  For more information, contact

All Thresholds programs can be offered to your specific synagogue, institution or private group. 

Thresholds Partners:  Are you running programs or special events that our constituents should know about?  Do you have a learner’s minyan? Interfaith programs or social events?  Beginner’s classes on Hebrew or prayerbook skills?

Send us a link and the information so we can pass it on.


Support Thresholds

 Please consider making a donation to support the work of Thresholds.  Whether you appreciate the impact of meaningful encounters with us in the past, anticipate needing our resources in the future or you simply believe in its mission, your contribution helps build, strengthen and spread our work.  Additionally, your support helps moderate tuition to young families.

 The vision for Thresholds is as the safe, welcoming and neutral first stop and central location for interfaith families and those exploring Judaism and conversion in Northern New Jersey and New York.  We believe it is crucial that those contemplating and making Jewish choices have an independent resource working side by side as a partner in the community.


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