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What people are saying about Thresholds and Rabbi Moritt and in the Press


Initially, I had planned to study on my own; I didn’t think that I needed my love to take the course with me. He was already a Jew … and he really wasn’t that interested in repeating his Hebrew School experiences. Leana asked that we both meet with her, however, before making any decisions.  We went to meet with the Leana the next day, and after 20 minutes of engaging conversation we were both signing up to take the course. We had only one condition- Leana had to be our teacher. From our first meeting with Leana, we were impressed with her warmth, humor…and coolness. We had faith that we would learn from her and have a great time in the process. Throughout the course, she made each session interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, and fun. By the course’s end we were hosting most of the weekly sessions at our own home. It became a part of our week that we looked forward to, it strengthened our relationship, and it prompted us to explore our own spiritual curiosities. We still miss our weekly sessions with Leana. I highly recommend Leana’s class to anyone who is curious about Judaism – and I already have to many of my friends!  -S

When I first began studying with Leana, I had a lot of questions and anxiety about Judaism. Although it is my own religion, I never felt comfortable that I knew much about it or how to demystify so many of the practices that I felt like I was supposed to know. Her style of teaching made Judaism accessible, relaxed and approachable. Instead of feeling like my religion was a part of me that I was supposed to, and did not, understand, she made it feel like a journey that I could explore as needed. Leana encouraged dialogue, debate and questions. She never made anyone feel embarrassed for what they did or did not know and she encouraged us to share our feelings, questions and experiences. I appreciate Leana making my religion a comfortable part of my identity. –T

My husband and I took Rabbi Leana Moritt’s Jewish immersion course prior to our wedding, when I was seriously considering converting to Judaism. Leana offered the perfect blend of Jewish law, history and spirituality. She educated us about traditional and modern Jewish approaches through well-chosen primary and secondary sources.  Since “graduation” from Leana’s course over six years ago, I am a strong, informed and active member of the Jewish community, and we count among our good friends other members of the class. I would highly recommend Leana for her non-judgmental approach, accessibility, depth and breadth of knowledge and kindness.  –A

“We were very fortunate to be introduced to Rabbi Moritt.  After having checked into various classroom educational offerings, none quite fit our needs.  Rabbi Moritt tailored the course to cover topics that were meaningful and relevant to us.  She furthered our understanding of our rich history and provided meaningful examples of the interconnectivity of our past and present. Her breadth of knowledge and approach to teaching made our experience uniquely satisfying.  She always displayed tremendous cultural sensitivity, and explored the commonality in our religions as well as the differences.  We feel privileged to be educated by such a learned scholar.  We left with a greater appreciation of our faith, and a plan for ways to incorporate our traditions into our daily lives.  Rabbi Moritt’s approach afforded us flexibility to explore topics that were of interest.”  -M

When I first began studying with Leana, I viewed learning more about Judaism as a chore I would have to perform to keep up with my more observant husband.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself inspired to read the class materials and excited to come to class each week and discuss the topics at hand. –M

Leana is an amazing instructor and rabbi. –A

The length of the course was helpful to really get to know everyone and feel comfortable discussing all aspects of Judaism. -S

Leana was fantastic.  She was warm and engaging also, and she made herself readily available which was so wonderful.  For me our personal meeting was so helpful in clarifying my place in my own journey.  –C

Leana’s class made me realize that I wanted to bring Jewish life to my home and my family.  It is no longer and “obligation” to go to temple or to celebrate Passover.  Now my thinking leans me toward remembering I am a Jew and being Jewish every day.  I want my family and children to know and love being Jewish and feeling connected to family, community and the spiritual aspect of being Jewish. -E

The class was very helpful and informative, I am glad I enrolled with my wife.  Thank you very much for teaching. -I

Leana is excellent all around!!  A fantastic knowledgeable instructor with a great way of helping a group grow together and learn as a community.  Overall this was a meaningful and significant learning experience.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about Judaism.D

Leana’s class was fantastic- on a scale of 1-10 ten being the highest- 10 on everything.  Thank you.  It must be hard to teach a course like this and I must admit, I didn’t think I would be as touched as I was by it.  Great experience. -M

Leana was outstanding.  I thought her knowledge of the subject was comprehensive, the material was useful, the presentation, engaging.  Overall, Leana enlightened me with respect to Judaism. -P

Leana was very helpful as a counselor, especially during difficult class issues such as Christmas and the Shoah. -L

Interfaith Counseling participants:

The sessions we spent with you were critical.  You helped us to explore not only the guiding principles but also the practical realities of daily spiritual practice, respecting each other's rituals and traditions, and raising children in an interfaith home.  While we will have many more conversations about these in the future, we feel we have gotten off to a good start.  Your insight and pragmatic advice has provided us with a good foundation from which to build on. We are especially grateful for your expertise in facilitating this important dialogue and for gently probing on the deeper thoughts and emotions that underlie our beliefs and practices.  We will certainly call on you for any help we need and would highly recommend you to couples who are similarly facing the same issues.  -D & T

Synagogue Outreach/Keruv Leaders:

Thank you for facilitating the Temple Emanuel/Woodcliff Lake NJ Keruv workshop this 2009-2010 season. As parents and grandparents, we have more answers as to why it is important to be Jewish, making it easier to transmit it to our children. I know you helped reach all of us. You were able to lift our discussion and awareness to a higher level.  I know those of us who were present can't wait to rejoin with you for the next meeting.  Thank you.
-A, Community outreach leader

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